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  • Doriene van Luttervelt

Out of the shadows, into the light

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Since my last post in October, I have not been writing. Instead, I have been on an #inward journey. Pulling back from the world outside of myself and exploring the inner streets, alleys and roads of my #soul.

2017 has been a year with a twist. So much has happened. I could hardly keep up with it.

My body, so tired of running around, felt a great need to get rid of all old stuff. Old beliefs, #healing from the poison it has been absorbing for so many years. Poison as in medication, but also poisoned with negative energies and old beliefs.

I must admit I had doubts, if I was not experiencing a bad #depression or Burnout. Somehow, I just surrendered to what I was experiencing, without actually labeling it. Talking to other women, made me realise that we are all in a #transformation period in our lives. Adjusting to the changing energies in the world. Preparing for a new era.

Just before Christmas I was very itchy and had a new outbreak of hives. My second one in 2017. Unfortunately the only medicine that truly helps is P(rednisolon). And I absolutely 'hate' to fill my body with chemicals. My body is so strong, that the hives even got right through this powerful medicine. Seems that I will not be allowed to oppress what is needed to come to the surface. In the night of the 29th to 30th of December I got very sick. I wasn't able to stand on my feet properly. And the awful headache prevented me from seeing clearly. I was forced to surrender, being completely #sick . Just sleeping, drinking fluids, since my apetite was really low. And doing absolutely nothing. It felt a little awkward, since I am used to being hyper and unable to sit still. And I feel almost like a #hermit at this moment.

On the other hand, it felt so natural to give in to being sick. #Healing my body and soul.

Doing nothing. Just being, feeling.

This new #sensation is bringing me so much more. It has allowed me to feel before I act. Take more time to let sensations and words sink in. Unfortunately, I also have a lot of responsibilities which sometimes draw me away from the connection with myself. It is quite a challenge to stay in line with what 'the system' is requiring, without losing contact with me.

2018 has started somewhat unsure, like riding a bike with trainingwheels. On the other hand it feels more like how it is supposed to be. Last night I was so tired, so I went to bed at 20.30 hrs. with a lot of aches due to my period being 2,5 weeks late. This morning I woke up, still feeling sore, but with a lighter head and heart. After reading an article on the 'Nieuwetijdskind' website, I decided to write down my #resolutions. I normally do not have any, but it felt like I need a new energy, a new program to be able to move forward. Out of the #shadows, into the #light.

I'd like to share my New Era' resolutions/intentions with you. Will you share yours with me?

  1. I am experiencing inner piece

  2. I am allowing my playfulness to come out

  3. I trust myself, being a part of Mother Earth

  4. I surrender to what is needed

  5. I will use my creativity to express myself

  6. I will let my own light shine

  7. My intuition will guide me to where I need to be

  8. I will write, sing and dance to heal myself

Love & Light


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